Art has always played an important role in my life. It’s (almost) as necessary to me as breathing. I work almost every day: drawing, painting, preparing lessons, teaching, taking classes taught by a colleague, viewing art, experimenting, thinking about art and design…..

I was born in Germany in 1963, but moved to The Netherlands with my parents at a fairly young age. I first discovered watercolor painting in Henk Corduwener’s studio. While studying at the academy, I learned how to work with many techniques, including 3D and printmaking techniques, but I’ve specialized in oil painting and graduated in that field in 1986. Since then, I’ve worked as a visual artist/teacher and I have shown my work often, both in The Netherlands and abroad. You will find my work in many private collections.

In addition to my own work as a painter, I also pain on commission, usually portraits of people and animals. I switch between drawing, mixed media, water color, acrylics, and oil painting, depending on the subject matter. I share my love of water color art with members of the International Watercolor Society Holland, of which I’m an active member.

My water color painting “Seeing the future” was nominated for “De Nederlandse Portretprijs” in 2019.

For a number of years, my husband and I have owned a house with a studio in France where I teach classes and summer courses. We also have a gîte for rent on www.artcoutansouze.nl.